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Want to AIRBNB your house in LA?

Want to AIRBNB your house in LA?  It may soon not be an option for many homeowners and residents if City Planning has its way.

More regulations are coming our way in the fight over AIRBNB rentals and tenants losing affordable housing stock.

The Department of City Planning has responded with a 79-page report outlining the issues and proposed recommendations that will be shared at a June 23rd meeting of the Los Angeles City Planning Commission.

What they are recommending is that only properties occupied by their owner at least 6 months of the year be authorized to be used as shared rentals. Of those properties that qualify, owners would only be able to rent them 120 days out of the year. City Planning refers to them as “Shared Rentals”. Apartments would not be permitted to be used as Shared Rentals under the proposed new rules.

Other proposed rules include:

● Hosts required to register with the City.
● Clarify and support the requirement to collect and remit Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT)
● Reiterate that vacation rentals and other short-term rentals not covered by the City’s approved use definitions are unlawful
● Establish various tools and administrative fines to enforce illegal short-term rentals
● Prohibit any person from advertising home-sharing that is not registered with the City
● Require hosting platforms to disclose to the City on a regular basis the name of the host, the address of each listing, length of stay for each listing, and the price paid for each stay, subject to privacy protections
● Ban the ability of residential apartments to be converted to short-term uses, by modifying the Transient Occupancy Residential Structure regulations in the zoning code
● Direct the Transient Occupancy Tax generated from home-sharing towards pro-active enforcement of the ordinance and the Affordable Housing Trust Fund

This, applauded by some, is truly going to hurt those that make a living by renting out the homes/units they don’t use to subsidize their mortgage payments.

As I have rented many apartments traveling, it is my preferred form of travel. The opportunity to live in the City vs. visit it (which seems Airbnb is taking on in their new advertising campaign) “Don’t Go There. Live There”.

On the flipside of the debate, City Planning has issued a heat map provided by AIRBNB of Venice Beach as of January 2016  showing the number of properties listed on AIRBNB.map_of_airbnb_listings_in_venice_as_of_january_2016 No section of Venice was without a rental and as many know Venice (although not affordable in decades) has always been a hot spot for low rental availability and as more units are put on AIRBNB, rents have skyrocketed as availability has diminished.

I don’t think this will get settled soon, but if you feel passionate about the subject I encourage you to have your voice heard and attend the June 23rd meeting @10am in the Los Angeles City Council Chambers at 200 N. Spring Street, Rm. 340 Los Angeles, CA 90012

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