Silverlake is located steps from Downtown Los Angeles.

Silverlake is located steps from Downtown Los Angeles. It was always a place where people in the ?know? moved. Particularly artists and musicians. What many people love about Silverlake is the sense of community. In the 1990s, one could rent a house for $800 per month whereas on the Westside prices were double or triple for the same sized house. As housing prices increased throughout many other parts of Los Angeles, the news spread. Now the prices in Silverlake tend to be similar to other parts of Los Angeles. The area is still a draw for artists, hipsters and also many bobos (bourgeois bohemians). There is something about the mix of hills, lake/reservoir and City that makes this place a magnet for many.

The name Silverlake is coined from the Water Board Commissioner, Herman Silver, who was instrumental in creating the Silverlake Reservoir in 1906. The upper basin is named Silverlake, and the lower basin is named Ivanhoe, after the novel by Sir Walter Scott. Surrounding the reservoir is a jogging trail about 2.2 miles long, a recreation center and an off leash dog park.

Silverlake zip codes are 90026, 90039 and also partially 90028 near Santa Monica and Sunset/Sunset Junction.

Silverlake Architecture

Silverlake includes a high concentration of some of the most famous modern architects in North America, including John Lautner, John D. Williams, R.M. Schindler, Alan Siskind, Richard Neutra, Gregory Ain, Ralph Soriano, David Hyun and Eric Lloyd Wright.

The area also includes many Spanish homes, California bungalow and Craftsman homes.  This reflects the periods when most of the area was developed.

Silverlake Schools

The area is served by:

Ivanhoe Elementary School

Micheltorena Street Elementary

Thomas Star King Middle School

John Marshall High School

Some early businesses included Walt Disney?s first Studio, built in the 1930s at the corner of Griffith Park Blvd and Hyperion (where the Gelson?s now stands).

The Laurel and Hardy Film ?The Music Box? was filmed on Vendome and Descanso Drive. The famous flight of stairs is also still there.

Another popular movie filmed in Silverlake was Falling Down. The scene where Michael Douglas purchases his gear was filmed at the Supply Sergeant. This store is located in Sunset Junction on Sunset.

The best time to get a sense of Silverlake and its community is to visit theSunset Junction Street Fair held every August.  There are carnival rides, live music, and vendors from many of the stores in the area.

Notable businesses and organizations:

Silverlake Neighborhood Council was formed in the early 2000s. It includes a 21 member governing board.
Silverlake Residents Association

Silverlake Improvement Association

Committee to Save Silverlake Reservoir

Love Craft Bio Fuels, located at Sunset Junction, which offers conversion kits for diesel engine cars to run on vegetable oil

Silverlake Conservatory of Music, founded by Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, is a non-profit organization that provides music education to youth in the area.

Club Spaceland

Located on Silverlake Blvd, this local club is where bands such as Beck and the Foo Fighters played some of their early shows.

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